Manaslu Expedition, 2011, October

Himalayan Trail Blazer organized Manaslu Expedition on October 2011 with Ryan Waters leading to 8,000 meter expedition. Manaslu is located in Nepal, rising 8,163m or 26,758 ft. above sea level, it is the 8th highest mountain in the world. We are planning a climb of Manaslu's North East Ridge in the Fall/Post Monsoon of 2011.

The mountain is in the Gorkha mountain region of Nepal. The expedition requires a 9-day trek into base camp, and is a relatively remote location compared to other high traffic mountains making this a true Himalayan adventure on a highly sought after peak.

The mountain has seen increased interest with the recent political difficulties surrounding Cho Oyu. Many mountaineers looking at a future attempt of Everest or other big mountain objective, are now focusing on Manaslu as a suitable first-time 8,000 meter peak.