Dhaulagiri Expedition 2012, March till May

Himalayan Trail Blazer successfully organized Dhaulagiri Expedition on 2012. Himalayan Trailblazer Trekking and Expedition Pvt Ltd was the handling agency for this three months expedition March till May. 

Dhaulagiri [8,167m/26,795ft] has a very impressive personality and positive concerns when it comes to welcoming its visitors. One of the eight thousanders in the country that lies on the North – western part of Pokhara and the south of the great Tibetan kingdom. It has always been the favourite destination for explorers to conquer the summit. Even we have had an amazing experience the last time we visited.
Dhaulagiri is preferred by a lot of trekkers and mountaineers. The pleasant atmosphere causes it be so. To be preferred by all. The geography comprises of a wide range of scenic beauty and a wide range of flexibility for adventure purposes. And most importantly, all of the previous visitors have left positive and inspiring reviews to simplify decisions for preceding ones.